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Corrine is our resident legal expert and is an accomplished casualty claims specialist. She's available to chat about claims.

[email protected]0741234796

Corrine Schreuder

In my journey through various roles, I’ve come to regard effective communication as an essential skill for success in any career. I’ve had the privilege of developing and refining this skill in my roles as both a litigation attorney and, more recently, as an insurance claims specialist.

Communication as a Foundation: I’ve learned the importance of clear and empathetic communication as a foundational aspect of my work. It’s a skill I continually strive to improve, knowing its significance in fostering positive outcomes and understanding.

Claims Management Experience: As an insurance claims specialist, I’ve had the opportunity to handle a diverse range of liability and professional indemnity claims. This experience has provided valuable insights into the complexities of insurance and claims management.

I approach my work with a humble perspective, always eager to listen and learn from each unique situation. My goal is to provide thoughtful, empathetic support to clients during challenging times.

I’m genuinely dedicated to improving communication and delivering excellent service. Together, we can navigate your insurance claims with a focus on understanding, collaboration, and respect.

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