Our professional indemnity insurance is a vital safeguard, tailored for professionals such as engineers, architects, attorneys, and a diverse array of other esteemed professions.

In the contemporary business landscape, professionals bear a significant responsibility for their expertise and advice. Our professional indemnity insurance offers comprehensive coverage, addressing claims arising from alleged errors, omissions, professional negligence, or breaches of duty in the course of providing professional services.

Professionals across various sectors, including engineering, architecture, law, and beyond, face unique challenges. Our policy is designed to cater to the distinct requirements of each profession, taking into account the specific regulatory and legal intricacies that shape their work.

With our professional indemnity coverage, professionals can operate with confidence, knowing that they are shielded from potentially crippling financial liabilities. The coverage includes legal defence costs, settlements, and judgments, ensuring that professionals can uphold their reputation without bearing the full burden of legal expenses.

At The Liability Company we recognize the diverse nature of South African professions and the ever-evolving legal landscape. Our experienced team specializes in crafting bespoke coverage to suit your professional needs. We are dedicated to supporting your success through meticulous risk management and professional claims resolution.

Whether you’re an engineer creating the future, an architect designing skylines, an attorney advocating for justice, in fact any professional who is making a difference, our professional indemnity insurance is here to fortify your journey. Contact us today to explore how we can tailor our coverage to your unique profession and ensure your peace of mind.

Your professional excellence is our mission.

If you’d like to apply for this type of insurance please download the appropriate proposal form above, or you can open a link to the online version
(this can be emailed to the insured if you are a broker and you don’t feel comfortable doing it on their behalf)