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Muhammad provides valuable support to the underwriting team although he's primarily responsible for our technology and reporting capabilities.

[email protected]082 520 9178

Muhammad Wozny

Passionate about the intersection of development, functionality, and form, I bring a unique perspective to the world of insurance as a Professional Indemnity and Public Liability specialist.

Design Roots: My journey began in the design field, where I developed a deep appreciation for the power of aesthetics and functionality. Though my roots lie in design, I made a conscious shift to the insurance industry in 2017, drawn by the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in a different arena.

Design Thinking Advantage: My background in design has proven to be a powerful asset in our digital space. I approach insurance challenges with a “design thinking” mindset, seeking innovative solutions that combine practicality with creativity. This approach allows me to better assess risks and foster effective client relationships.

I’m committed to providing comprehensive risk assessment and establishing strong client connections. My unique blend of design thinking and insurance expertise positions me to tackle challenges from multiple angles, ensuring that our digital strategies align seamlessly with client needs.

Join me on a journey where design thinking meets the insurance world, offering fresh perspectives and inventive solutions.

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