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Welcome to The Liability Company

Your liability matters to us.

For me, what we do generally in short term insurance and more specifically in the liability insurance space, is nothing short of heroic. Our financial products don’t only pay out when there is a claim, but their very existence gives our clients the confidence and boldness to invent, create, cure, design, build, manufacture… you name it, whatever it is that matters to them.

Why have we changed our name?

We felt that we needed to make a clear statement about what we do in the business and The Liability Company is bold and better represents our aspirations; to be the premium brand in the specialist liability space. We have retained “Liability Matters” as our brand tagline as we really believe the phrase encapsulates why we do what we do, because liability really does matter. Our FSP and Company registration numbers have remained unchanged, as has our relationship with our principals at Mutual and Federal Risk Financing.

The subtle art of simplification

The big challenge in liability insurance is that whilst we understand the value of proper litigation risk management and insurance as specialists, they are often very hard to articulate to customers, especially for our brokers who must understand a myriad of different insurance products from dozens of suppliers. Liability insurance is intrinsically linked to law, litigation, and legislation. Complicated stuff, even for seasoned insurance practitioners. At The Liability Company we are focused on understanding the exposures facing businesses and then blending risk management and coverage in a way that can easily be articulated by our trusted broker partners to our mutual clients.

There must be an acknowledgement here that most people in the financial services industry want to deliver exceptional customer experience. Yet brokers often find themselves having to make excuses for insurers due to poor service delivery, unexpectedly harsh terms and conditions and even poor claims handling. This is not sustainable and feeds into the disintermediation narrative that is often bandied around by our competitors in the direct insurance space.

Avoiding the call-centre death loop

I’m big on technology and will always view it as an enabler but it is disheartening to see some businesses deploying tech in a way that only creates a digital version of the dreaded call centre rather than making it easier to do business. This technology only makes it difficult to engage with real people and anything that falls broad of the anticipated set of queries invariably ends up in a frustrating loop of faceless, unresolved interactions.

The digital tools we’ll be deploying at The Liability Company will seek to augment the human experience rather than replace it. You’ll get to experience this when you interact with our Liabilibot (we call her Bili for short) which we’ll be releasing in the coming weeks.

What we won’t be doing is using technology to create a barrier between our brokers and ourselves. We will be using technology to broaden our reach and to provide brokers with knowledge out in the field at the time that it is needed. But we will always make ourselves available to talk.

The power of people

This brings me to the people element of our business. Debbie Fleischer and Muhammad Wozny have been doing a sterling job of supporting our brokers with very little resources over the past couple of years. Our strategy for The Liability Company includes growing our staff compliment and I am pleased to share that we’ve already added two new team members to the business. Stefani Potas, a veteran in the specialist insurance, business administration sphere, joined the team to provide much needed underwriting and finance support and more recently Corrine Schreuder, an admitted attorney of the high court with great experience in liability claims joined the business run with our specialist claims. A warm welcome to both ladies.

We have also appointed a senior underwriter who will be known to many of our brokers already and joins the team in January 2024. We are still looking to fill more positions so if you’re interested in joining our underwriting team and you’ve got experience with PI, Liability or D&O insurance, please get hold of me by email  or on LinkedIn. We’re a fully remote business and we’d really love to connect.

We’ll be making another big announcement about our capabilities for 2024 by the end of this year so please follow our new LinkedIn page.

Simon Colman
CEO-The Liability Company


  1. October 17, 2023 at 5:48 am

    Stefani Potas

    Congratulations to The Liability Company, Simon Colman, Debbie Wozny and my fellow staff members!!! What an achievement. May we go from strength to strength.

    1. November 13, 2023 at 1:18 pm


      Thanks Stef!!!!

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